The Mesozoic Era Facts – A Closer Look at the Era of Mammals and Dinosaurs

The Mesozoic Era will always be divided into three. It will be the Triassic, the Cretaceous and the Jurassic periods. All of these have been studied ever since. They will always be included in many Mesozoic Era facts. This is not surprising anymore because Mesozoic has always meant middle animals. It was during this time when the world fauna had been altered. It changed drastically. This was witnessed most especially during the time of the Paleozoic. During the said time, Dinosaurs became really popular organisms. They even evolved in that of Triassic. They were not really that diverse until such time that Jurassic became known. This occurred except for the presence of the birds though. Dinosaurs became the extinct, and even that end of the whole period of Cretaceous.

It was also during the Mesozoic era when great change for the terrestrial vegetation has been observed. When it was in the early Mesozoic, it was still dominated by cycads, ferns, benettitaleans, and even that of ginkgophytes. The same is also true with unusual plants. There were also modern gymnosperms evident including the conifers. This was first seen in their most recognizable forms. This occurred just early in the time of Triassic. During the middle part of the Cretaceous, there would be the early form of angiosperms. This appeared and then even started to diversify. This took largely over, and even over for most of the plant groups out there.

The localities of fossils during the Mesozoic period is also very much seen. The Mesozoic Era was the stage traced coming from 248 million, to even that of 65 million years ago. It was during this time when the Earth was said to be really different as compared to it now. The climate was said to be way warmer. The seasons were also mild. As for the sea level, it was higher. Indeed, there was no polar ice during this time. Even the shape of most continents has been really distinct on its own. The continents even got to jam together. This was the occurrence in the beginning of the Mesozoic era. This was the reason for the formation of Pangaea, dubbed as the supercontinent. However, it would still break down into pieces later on. This would be really apparent in the midst of the mentioned era.

In the beginning of the Era of Mesozoic, the ecosystem somehow depleted. This has been the case worldwide. There were other old life forms too. They began to be quite extinct though most especially in the Permian. This was said to be, and even dubbed as the most enormous mass extinction there was. This depletion state was even followed through an explosion. This was true as far as other life forms were concerned. This included mammals, and even dinosaurs. Later, it triggered the disappearance of Mesozoic. This even tapped the blossoming of flowering plants and even birds. These were all the realities of the Mesozoic era.