The Great Pyramid of Giza Facts – Learning more about the Pyramid

During the time of the fourth-dynasty under the dominance of Sneferu 2685 to 2667, a pyramid shape was created and it was recognized all over the world. This was then associated with the architecture of the Egyptians. This was the time when three pyramids were built. However, there were the first two which were perceived to be an utter failure. This will always be included in various the Great Pyramid of Giza facts. The first pyramid of the said king, found at the Medum, was said to be the step pyramid. This was modified so that it could form the very first true pyramid there is.

The said pyramid form was unstable though. The limestone somehow blocks everyone that is why at some point, it began to start slipping. No one expected this but it suddenly happened. It was such time when it was abandoned. King Sneferu had to move to Dahsur in order for the second pyramid to be erected. This was dubbed as the Bent Pyramid since then. This was given because of the upper part of it rising and achieving a shallower angle. This was seen on the incline than that of the lower part.

This Bent Pyramid was originally for a true pyramid. However, the corners were built for a not so stable ground. The walls of these burial chambers were also located just inside the shift and crack inward. When it comes to necessity though, the geometry of the building may be altered at one point. This is done just above a half of its known height. The angle would incline sometimes. This may decrease though. This was done so that stresses could be alleviated later on. This can be felt on the lower part of the pyramid. It would be made stronger that way. The bent pyramid, as history would say, had never been utilized ever since its establishment. Because of this Sneferu has to start for a third pyramid. This took place because it is like a mile away. This one is referred to as the red pyramid. It goes with the same name because of its red limestone blocks. These are all present during the process of construction. This was the reason for it being a successful, real pyramid.

What can be expected from the pyramids of Giza anyway? The red pyramid is really a trend setter. It is the one responsible for setting the standards for all the pyramids that may have to come in the future. Among the inclusions are burial chambers, mortuary temple and even a causeway. These would all lead down to the valley temple. This was the very same model followed by Khufu, the son of the king. This was the biggest just seen in Giza for instance. The pyramids in Giza were built just within that of the rocky plateau. This was true most especially for the west bank. This may be in Nile situated in the northern Egypt too. These are still true until now.