Silverback Gorilla Facts – More Information

A silverback gorilla became popular for its mature nature. This is known to be an experienced leader of these male groups. These are seen on most mountain gorillas which are all in the wild. These are named for most of the silver saddles which are found across his back. These are all for the silverback. These are responsible for the security and safety of the whole group. Most of the time, the group of these gorillas would be termed and referred to as the troop. They come with five, to even 30 gorillas. These are of silverback which is going to decide where the troop will travel. These are all going to forage the food. This is the time for it to rest and it may even sleep during the night.

How can the said gorilla be described? These silverbacks are famous because of their large built and size. They have the ability to just stand upright. They may even be from 5.5 to even 6 feet tall. They can also weigh for as much as 350 pounds. This too may occur or happen. Most of the time, the females are no taller than that of five feet. They cannot weigh as much, or even more of 200 pounds. The ears of these silverbacks are for their small part of their head. Males also come with their large bony crest. These are meant to be seen on the tops of these back and even skulls. These are all going to help in the supporting of jaw muscles and even that of teeth. The bony crest would somehow provide the heads with this conical shape. These females are with the same crest too. These are just not so pronounced as that of males. That is the main difference. Silverbacks may also be too hairy. These are said to be the hairiest of them all when it comes to gorilla species. The hair may also be thick and even long. These would somehow help in the insulation of high elevations.

The arms would be shorter too as compared to their arms. This is how it has been and it sets it apart from these known lowland gorillas. The legs may be short too. The silver saddle has been around for almost 12 years now. It can even be older. Younger males would be called blackbacks without any reason. That is for sure.

Even if they have formidable strength and size, these mountain gorillas are gentle. They can be so shy too. They are social animals despite the mentioned though. They come with their nomadic and even tight-knit troops. They would show their own the affection they deserve. They are even into hugging. They would play with one another at times. Even if this is the case, when they are angry, they would throw things. They are also capable of doing this. This is the real challenge. Unwanted gorillas might elicit such behavior. All of these can be apparent. They can be friendly just avoid intruding their business.