Hernan Cortes Facts – What Kids Need to Know

Hernando Cortes, or popularly known as Hernan Cortes, was an explorer and a soldier. He got to conquer the vast vicinity of Aztec empire just situated in the central part of America. Most of the Hernan Cortes facts around the web would say that he was born in the year 1485 at Medellin. This could be found on Western, Spain. Initially, he studied law. However, there was a time when he had to leave the university in order for him to make a real fortune in America. This is one it all began.

The Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo was his first destination when he sailed in 1504. He then moved to Cuba after that in the year 1511. This occurred as he assisted Diego Velazquez in the conquest of islands. This was the time when he got to make a reputation for himself because of his boldness and courage. This was the start of him building credibility.

As for the year 1518, Cortes got to persuade Velasquez, who was still acting as the governor, to appoint him as the commander of the Mexican expedition that was about to unfold during that time. This was just recently discovered by most of the Europeans saying that this was the reason for him containing really great amount of wealth. This still remains a rumor though.

Before setting the sail initiated by Cortes, Velasquez became really suspicious because of the motives of the earlier. This was another issue. This was the reason behind the cancellation of the commission he has for the whole adventure. Cortes, in connection to it, just ignored what Velasquez was trying to get into. He still set out. During the arrival, a settlement was established. This was composed of most local allies.

When it comes to the major civilization concerning the regions of Aztecs, this was pioneered by Montezuma II. Cortes only led the Aztec capital. This was still Tenochtitlan. This happened to be a three-month journey which was undertaken over a quite difficult terrain to undertake. The arrival of Cortes somehow coincided with that of a prophecy of Aztec. It has been said that there would be a white-skinned god that will arrive coming from the east. This explained the warm welcome Montezuma gave to Cortes. Even lavish gifts were given to Cortes as a sign of relief that he was there. But then, this relationship was deteriorated because there was a fear of dominance and attack. This was the time when Cortes had to take Montezuma as his hostage. Cortes asked for a huge amount of ransom coming from the people of the place.

It was in April 1520 when Velasquez sent a particular expedition in order for Cortes to be captured. Cortes was supposed to be leaving to go for an expedition. But then, it marked the beginning of a revolt happening right in Tenochtitlan. This was the time when Cortes had to go back because he was forced by Motezuma to do it in front of the crowd. Because of that,  he was struck through stones which led to his death.