Zhou Dynasty Facts – Tracing History

The dynasty of Zhou, which spanned from 1046 to 256 BCE, was known to be the longest-lasting. This was the longest, and even landing on the dynasties of China. This finished the army of most of the states which are in Qin. These were captured by the city which is in Chengzhou. This was in the year 256 BCE. The long history was said to be in Zhou Dynasty. This was divided in two separate and different periods. The first one is known to be the Western Zhou, the other one is the Eastern Zhou. These were called to follow the move of the capital of Zhou. These were all directed eastwards. These were said to be safe in terms of invasion. These will always be included in Zhou dynasty facts. 

There were many influential minds which were able to add more in the intellectual tradition of Chinese. These even flourished under that of Zhou. This was perceived towards that of the last period and times of the dynasty of Zhou. This was even considered the time for artistic awakening. The same is also true for intelligence. There were many ideas which were developed by various figures such as Mencius, Laozi, Confucius, and even Mozi. All of these lived in the period of Eastern Zhou. These would definitely shape the entire character of the civilization of China. This is true up until the present day.

The Origin

Records say that the Zhou Dynasty did not come from invaders. They were descendants of Chinese-speaking people who came from the culture of Longshan Neolithic. During the course of most several countries, the Zhou had to move away because of the barbican pressures perceived. They migrated towards that of the westernmost agricultural basin just around North China. This used to be the lower Wei River. Today, this is known as the Shaanxi province. The development of the Shang-style agriculture started during those times. Cities were built too. There was an area before called Plain of Zhou. This was the one responsible for giving a name to such state and dynasty. The Shang ruled the class which was considered the Zhou. This was even dubbed as the semibarbarious country cousins. For many years now, the Zhou, together with Shang coexisted. They got to be the alternate of peace and war.

King When became the first important historical figure of the said dynasty. This was described as the living standard both of wisdom and benevolence. His becoming the king of Zhou way back in 1099 bC was one of the  high lights of the dynasty of Shang. King Wen, since then was credited for conceiving a plan which is ambitious and overwhelming enough. This would make most of the neighboring chiefs in alliance with each other. This would in return give the military of Zhou power. This made the conquest way possible. The power is now growing. The Shang court was disturbed by the growing power of the mentioned. Because of this, the leader was imprisoned by the Yule city.